Marriage Counselling

Marriage can be a bumpy road

Most marriages begin as a cherished blessing filled with optimistic hope for the future. Unfortunately, life sometimes brings obstacles than can put strain on a relationship. Life changes, such as loss of a job or a medical crisis, may cause stress which can severely impact both individuals in a couple. Sometimes the choices or actions that someone makes can make a marriage difficult. Infidelity, drug use, or other choices made by one partner may be hurtful to their spouse.

We are here to help

Whatever has caused the road to become bumpy, marriage counselling can help couples work through their issues. Counsellors are trained professionals who assist their clients with working through their troubles. They can help identify the root of the problem, improve communication, and guide couples to a healthier relationship.

Benefits of marriage counselling

Identify the problem

In some cases, a couple may not be getting along well, but are not sure what the problem is. A counsellor can assist the couple to discovering the underlying root of their strife.

Improve communication

Although we are all capable of communication, we can sometimes be unclear with our intentions. Many people have difficulty expressing their emotions and may keep their feelings bottled up inside. Sometimes we assume our partner automatically knows how we feel and why we are feeling that way. This can cause confusion and misunderstanding in a relationship. Counselling can guide couples to more clear and effective communication.


In cases where one or both partners has engaged in harmful behaviours, it is important to own up to their mistakes. It can be easier to face our own choices with the assistance of a counsellor.