Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Confidential EAP services help employees

Employee Assistance Programs are there when times get tough. Divorce, financial crisis, job-related stress? Dwelling on problems do not help them get better. Only solutions and goals can help these employees through tough times. A solution to a problem can help the employee regain a sense of control in a crisis and gain skills to help them work through it. Employee Assistance Programs are fixed session, short-term goal oriented therapy that allows the employee to seek assistance with their problem in a confidential manner.

These programs are designed to help employees who are experiencing stress due to a divorce, death, finances, or addiction. The programs help them get their lives back on track. These short-term goal oriented therapies assist the employees through whatever crisis they are facing. These goals and solutions help employees to build on coping skills for future issues.

These goal oriented therapies offer a fixed number of sessions and allow the employees to work through their issues. They can gain coping skills for their new issues and new skills to help face future crises. The focus is on the employee’s own strengths and resources, while building up their coping skills. EAP services help clients regain control and become product employees.

Employee Assistance Programs are crucial to keeping employees mentally healthy. Everyone faces a crisis. If an employee has someone they can turn to confidentially, then they will be able to face their problems and resume their lives. Crisis doesn’t mean that life has to stop, just readjust.

Regaining control

These services help employees regain the control of their lives to return to work and become productive employees. It’s a win-win situation.

Goal oriented therapy

Employee Assistance Programs offer therapy that is short term, goal oriented. The employee and the counselor focus on goals and solutions to help them out of the immediate crisis.