How Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) Works

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that combines the efforts of the client and the therapist towards achieving a collaborative and practical approach to emotional upheavals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps a person break from the vicious cycle of negativity and unhelpful behavior. It focuses on the images and beliefs we hold from our past experiences and how they relate to our behavior and personality at large. CBT works to help a person restore and develop useful thinking and coping techniques.

CBT process

The CBT process takes six to eight weeks. During this time, the therapist works with the client to break down the problem into parts. This helps to pinpoint the particular problem and help both parties agree on what beliefs to change. The therapist then recommends an assignment to the client in form of practices on a daily or weekly basis. The therapist may recommend a diary or journal to help the client keep abreast with the practices.

Requirements for CBT

There is no requirement to join a CBT session. As long as you have the will and desire to change, you are a candidate.