What is abuse

What is abuse and what does it mean to be “abusive”?

Abuse is when a person hurts another person, either physically or emotionally. Abuse happens over time, usually in a cycle. It often continues until the person who is being abused gets help. Sometimes, someone else – a friend, family member – recognizes the abuse and jumps in to help.

Frequently, abuse can be hard to understand and qualify. One of the reasons is that the abusive person does not always appear abusive. An abusive person might seem like a nice person most of the time, and they frequently say that they care or they love you. Abuse rarely stops all by itself, but if you think you are being abused there is help available.

Types of Abuse

Emotional abuse:

Is when criticisms, insults and other hurtful words are used to make you feel inferior or less than the abuser. Frequent words used by abusers describe others as being fat, ugly, stupid or worthless. Emotional abuse is mostly carried out in private, but it can also be done in front of an audience.

Psychological abuse:

Is when the abuser uses threats and intimidation or other behaviors to scare someone and reduce their support system – the people and resources someone relies on for help and support. It is used in an attempt to make you lose touch with reality so you become dependent on the abuser. The abuser might threaten to harm you, someone that you care about or even themselves in order to get you to do what they want. Other examples of psychological abuse are stalking, online and hate mail.

Physical abuse:

Is when the abuser uses force. Hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, burning, hair-pulling, choking and cutting are some examples of physical abuse. Physical abuse can leave bruises, burns and other physical marks. A lot of times, someone who is being physically abused will hide their wounds with clothes, sunglasses, make up or in other ways.

Sexual Abuse:

Is forcing you to do anything of a sexual nature against your will. It includes things like, fondling a person’s private parts, having intercourse or forcing you to watch porn or perform sex acts for money. Sexual abuse may occur to both men and women. Incest and Rape are forms of sexual abuse.