Marriage Preparation Course

Before you begin your new life as a married couple, it’s important to set a strong foundation to build your marriage upon. The modern couple has likely lived together before marriage, but becoming a married couple is a true commitment to your partner that takes the relationship to a whole new level. Our specially trained relationship counsellors are here to help prepare you for the most important commitment of your life.

Communication Skills

The greatest strength in a relationship is the ability to not only know how to communicate your feelings, but also to truly listen and process the feelings of your partner. Without the ability to communicate effectively, the strongest asset to a successful marriage is absent. In this marriage preparation course, you will be able to identify each other’s communication style and discuss how each of you best express yourselves.

Marital Expectations

Marriage doesn’t look the same for any two people. Everyone has an expectation for what they need or want in a marriage. Some of these expectations are based on their family experience growing up – whether they want something similar or very different from it. Perhaps expectations are based on career or family goals. Whatever they are, this course gives you both the opportunity to openly share them with one another.

Personal and Couple Goals

Though you’ll be a married couple, you should continue to have goals as individuals and as a couple. Before saying your vows, discuss what you each want to accomplish in your individual journeys as well as what you hope to do together in this marriage. Whether that is to start a family, travel the world, start a business, or buy a vacation home in the mountains, set goals that you can support one another through.

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Life moves quickly at times, making it all too easy for married couples to push intimacy to the back burner. It is so very important that marriage stay lit with the fire of emotional and sexual intimacy. This course will give couples suggestions for a healthy intimate marriage, as well as discuss the signs that intimacy needs to be addressed.